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Leather Barrel Creek 

Leatherbarrel Creek is situated off the Alpine Way, approximately 16 kilometres from Thredbo Village, or 51 kilometres from Jindabyne. On the other side, it is 60 kilometres from Khancoban.  Leatherbarrel is a 'twig stream' in the area around the camping ground, but holds a plentiful population of small brown and rainbow trout.   

There is a camping area that has composting toilets, picnic tables and fireplaces. You will need to take your own water and firewood. No booking is required.

As this area is within the Kosciuszko National Park park entry fees apply. Fees, per car, are $16 per day during the summer months and $27 per day during winter. Leatherbarrel Creek is subject to the usual river fishing closed season between the June and October long weekends of every year.










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