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Digger Creek

Diggers Creek is a very small stream that was dammed many years ago, at it's headwaters, to form Rainbow Lake, (see Lakes section). Diggers Creek spills over the Rainbow Lake Dam Wall and then continues down the hill for a kilometre or so, before running into Sponars Lake, at the foot of Sponars Chalet, right on the Kosciuszko Road on the way to Perisher Ski Resort. Diggers Creek interconnects the two lakes and is very small in between, however does hold smaller specimens of both Rainbow and Brown Trout. Because of it very small dimesions it is really a fly only option and, in any case, both Rainbow and Sponars Lake are probably the better options. Fishing Diggers Creek below Sponars Lake is possible and there are a couple of good pools however, it is quite difficult walking.







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